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  • United States Department of Commerce 2007 harmonized tariff schedule for the textile and apparel industries.
  • From Neolink, Inc. Searchable database of manufacturers and suppliers of products and services. Free service industrial directory. Enter upon registration.
  • Internet database and information resource for the global textile industry. Company listing, advertising, industrial and marketing information and market place.
  • A multi-language, searchable export and import, trade and business site. Free registration.
  • Switzerland. Technical database for the textile industry. Search engine for companies, products, machinery and services. Technical papers on PDF files. Requires Adobe
  • USA. Non-profit organization, dedicated to improving textile business systems and manufacturing resources. Also, education and training resource for fiber, textile,
  • Job outlook statement for textile machinery operators from the US Department of Labor's 2000-01 Occupational Outlook Handbook. This statement discusses the nature of the
  • Advisory body of the European Commission, mandated to formulate recommendations on concrete proposals and measures to improve the conditions for the competitiveness of
  • Presentation of the European Commission's recommendations covering areas of research and innovation, education and training, protection of intellectual property rights,
  • Discussion paper, assessing the likely impact of liberalisation of the textile and garment trade taking into account recent technological and managerial developments,
  • Database of global textile intelligence, covering production information, trade agreements, quotas, tariffs and pricing, and information on the world market for yarns,
  • US Customs Service general information, and past and current status reports for textile quotas.
  • A guide on the Care Labeling Rule for garment manufacturers and importers of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.
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