Dyestuffs and Chemicals, United States of America

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  • USA. Multi-national chemicals manufacturers, active in a variety of industrial spheres. Resins and processing chemicals for the textile, nonwovens and papermaking
  • Germany. Multi-national chemicals corporation. Manufactures fiber intermediates, nylon and melamine fibers for textile, nonwovens and industrial purposes.
  • USA. Polymer emulsions for the glass, textiles and nonwovens, paint and coatings, and paper industries. Water based resins and coatings for textile finishing and
  • The Netherlands. Multi-national manufacturing company. Industrial colorants, dyes, inks, resins, and processing and finishing chemicals and products for leather tanning
  • USA. Multi-national group of companies, active in fuels, lubricants, chemicals and polymers for a wide range of consumer, technical and industrial markets. Polypropylene
  • USA. Diversified, multi-national manufacturing company, primarily active in latex and polyurethane compounds for woven and nonwoven carpet backing. Also, chemical
  • USA. Custom engineered and standard emulsion polymers, thickeners, coatings, fire retardants and adhesives for the textile, nonwovens, composite products and a range of
  • UK. Water based polymer composites for a wide range of industrial applications. Compounds and latex for carpet backing. Binders, resins and coatings for the textile and
  • Japan. Chemicals manufacturing corporation, active in petrochemicals, carbon and agrochemicals and specialty products. Intermediates for synthetic fiber production,
  • USA. Chemicals manufacturing company, specialised in nitro-alkanes and their derivatives for a wide range of industrial applications. Solid and liquid crosslinking
  • USA. Versatile, multi-national chemicals manufacturing company, active in the paint, adhesives and cleaning products industries, construction and building materials, and
  • Germany. Synthetic latex emulsion resins and binders for construction, composite materials, paper, textile and nonwovens applications. Styrene butadiene and nitrile
  • USA. Multi-national corporation. Advanced polymers, adhesives and polymer systems for industrial applications. Binders and coating compounds for the nonwovens industry.
  • USA. Multi-national manufacturer of industrial starches, adhesives, polymers, electronic and engineering materials and specialty food products. Supplies chemical binders
  • Germany. Multi-national chemical products manufacturer for the textile and man-made fiber, environmental and health care industries. Technical information about products
  • South Africa. Custom formulating of water based polymer composites, resins, compounds and binders for the textile, nonwovens, adhesives, waterproofing, laminating and
  • Belgium. Multi-national group of polymers, chemicals, compounds and adhesives manufacturing companies. Carboxilated styrene butadiene latex and water based acrylic
  • India. Manufacturers of synthetic resins for the paint, printing, inks, adhesives and surface coating industries. Product information and specifications. Links to
  • China. Manufacturers of dyestuffs, pigments, dye intermediates and chemicals for the textile, leather, paper, plastic, ink and paint industries. Extensive product
  • India. Manufacturers of dyestuffs, thickeners, chemicals and auxiliaries for the textile industry. Also, natural guar gum for textile processes. Detailed product
  • to reduce chemical or dye migration during drying. Morrison Textile Machinery Co. , United States...Textile World Asia - ITMA Technology:
  • , Dyestuff Petrochemicals, Fine Chemicals, Carbon Fiber, Composites, Metals Resins and Films Materials for...(Fiscal Year 2011) Business Segment
  • TECHNOLOGY NONWOVENS TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE & TRAINING FABRICS TEXTILE RESEARCH Moisture-Management Water...use of water, energy, and chemicals