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  • Arm slings made of soft,stretch cotton spandex. Ergonomically designed to hold injured or disabled arms as gently as possible.
  • Products include prescription medical devices available to the general public from qualified health care professionals.
  • Eliminate foot pain from standing, working, sports. Custom foot orthotics made to order, shipped direct.
  • Juzo manufacturers high quality compression stockings, support stockings, arm sleeves, knee braces and ankle braces.
  • Orthotics componentry and central fabrication services.
  • State-of-the-art foot orthoses, unique silicones, advanced materials, and lab equipment designed for orthotic and prosthetic use in a managed care environment
  • Utilizes the concepts of balancing muscle pull and strengthening weaker muscles through everyday use, which are emergent concepts in the field of neurorehab.
  • Offers a full line of physiotherapy and rehabilitation products for institutions, clinics, and personal use.
  • Manufacturer of foot care products including custom (prescription)and pre-molded (non-prescription) orthotics.
  • Custom-made shoes, sandals and orthotics. Diabetic and arthritic Footwear. Board-certified pedorthist.
  • Orthopedic Supports and Braces. Products include a variety of orthopedic supports commonly sold in physicians offices to patients for the relief of pain related to the
  • Manufacturers and exporters of orthopaedic appliances, surgical equipment, elastic and cotton crepe bandages, cervical collar, lumbosacral belts.
  • Located in Springfield and Jacksonville IL, provides complete musculoskeletal care providing both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for bone and joint
  • Manufactures cold therapy products. Ice wraps are used by orthopedic rehabilitation clinics and professional athletes.
  • Manufacturers of orthopedic soft-goods and spinal braces. Located in Tampa, Florida.
  • Sales of orthopedic surgery products, including titanium screws, pings, and blades. Contact information and links.
  • Orthotic plastic materials, supplies and equipment for fabricating or adjusting custom orthoses.
  • Bioceramics and biocoating for orthopaedics implants, zirconia femoral heads HAP or Titanium or Alumina coating on orthopaedic implants with plasma acetabular reamers.
  • Biomet and Arthrotek Distributor for portions of Indiana and Kentucky.
  • Orthopedic products, neoprene, varicose stockings, various splints, braces, cervicals, arm sling, variteks, and corsets. Turkey orthopedic products manufacturer.
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