The Swinomish Indian Tribal Community is federally recognized and operates under Constitution and Bylaws adopted in 1936 pursuant to the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934. Tribal regulatory authority includes land use planning, environmental assessment and regulation of land, water and air resources, and sustainable reservation economic development.The Swinomish Indian Reservation located on Fidalgo Island, west of the Swinomish Channel near LaConner, Washington, is home to the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community. The Swinomish Tribe is committed to improving the lives and well being of the tribal members through social and cultural programs, education, economic development, and resource protection. Tribal programs, such as the one that provides college tuition to graduating seniors, ensure a better life for future generations. Other innovative projects, such as the update of Gathering of Wisdoms, a cultural approach to mental health, are ongoing. Swinomish continues to explore cooperative relationships with adjacent jurisdictions and was recently recognized by Harvards "Honoring Governments" program for its cooperative land use planning with Skagit County. The Swinomish tribal fisheries program is an active participant in ongoing Skagit salmon recovery programs. The Swinomish Casino and Bingo enterprise provides an important economic base for the Tribe and benefits the regional economy of Skagit County; planning is underway to expand the services and facilities available. The Tribe also continues to move forward with plans for other economic development projects, which will be located at the north end of the Reservation adjacent to Highway 20. Plans for a marine sciences interpretive center, a cultural center and tribal museum are also underway.
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