PSS is known as the global specialist for macromolecular characterization and synthesis. PSS develops, manufactures and offers techniques and instrumentation for the characterization, production and optimization of synthetic, natural and bio-polymers. Our products and techniques for GPC/SEC are widely used in various markets and application areas ranging from chemical, construction and electronic industries to cosmetics, food, medical device and biopharm applications. PSS offers polymeric reference materials and standards, GPC/SEC and HPLC columns, GPC/SEC-optimized instruments, specialty detectors (MALLS, viscometry, ELSD), WinGPC macromolecular chromatography data systems, POROCheck pore-size analysis software. Our products are backed-up with a complete service portfolio, incl. IQ/OQ qualifications for complete systems according to ICH, FDA and other regulations.PSS also offers method development, contract analysis, custom polymer synthesis and software development.PSS was founded in 1985 and still has its global headquarter in Mainz, Germany. PSS is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. A creative team of chemists and engineers with extensive knowledge and practical experience in synthesis, characterization and properties of natural and synthetic polymers is able to find answers and solutions for all macromolecular questions. PSS has additional offices in the Benelux and the US.
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