It is our mission to encourage Minnesota’s youth of color to pursue post-secondary education. Twenty-two years ago The Page Education Foundation (PEF) launched an inspiration-invite promising students of color to continue their education. Since its inception in 1988, PEF has parlayed this innovative idea into a catalyst for shaping the education and social responsibility of vibrant young people of color in Minnesota. We do this by enticing college-age youth to positively influence younger children of color. In exchange for their volunteer service to children, PEF offers them mentoring and financial assistance for college. The program has grown from funding ten students in 1988 to funding 560 students this year. In the past twenty-two years, PEF has invested in 4,000 students of color across the state of Minnesota. These young people have volunteered more than 275,000 service hours to younger children in an effort to positively influence participation in the world around them.5 Ways YOU can make a difference for a Page Scholar:1. Give - Cash or check, Credit or debit, Stocks or bonds 2. Get involved - Become a mentor, Volunteer at events or in the office 3. Spread the word - Join the online community, Tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers, Host an event 4. Make it last - Make a multi-year pledge, Create a legacy with a named scholarship 5. Keep in touch -, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and join our mailing list
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