We offer a proven, easy to use, web-based package of behavioral assessments for employment testing, job analysis, and self-development.If you are recruiting new people, promoting from within or simply looking for more information to help you increase retention, reduce turnover, manage and coach your team more effectively, we can help.Effective employment testing helps companies predict job performance, resulting in reduced turnover and a more productive team. For over 40 years The McQuaig Institute® has been providing our clients with the recruiting tools they need to make great hiring and retention decisions and a measurable ROI.Over 1,200 companies around the world rely on The McQuaig System™ for their pre-employment testing and candidate assessment needs. Our hiring tests and behavioral assessments are web based, user friendly and can be customized for individual roles. So whether you are hiring one or 1,000 people, for the executive suite or line staff, McQuaig can help you meet your unique needs.Our three step process starts with defining job demands with our job analysis tool, The McQuaig Job Survey®. The second step is to use our candidate assessment tool, The McQuaig Word Survey®, to assess candidates. The third step is to use a combination of our behavioral assessment tools, The McQuaig Word and Self-Development Surveys®, to evaluate the coaching and development needs of your team.If you are looking for new candidates to fill jobs, wanting to identify the future leaders within your company, or simply provide coaching and development feedback to make employees more effective in their current role, The McQuaig System is for you! To try a demo of our tools or contact a McQuaig consultant, contact Kyle Salem at Let us help you make smarter people decisions.
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