Since 1969, Dome Printing has functioned as a family-owned manufacturing organization offering high-quality printing to the northern California business community. Today, Dome continues our tradition of being a family-owned business under the leadership of Tim, Andy, and Robert Poole. Dome is a market leader nationally and is respected highly among our peers for our innovation and progressive approach to printing solutions.“We define our success by how we are perceived by our peers, customers,vendors, and employees,” says Tim Poole. “We want people to say that the Poole brothers do the right thing; that we offer a quality product, take care of our customers, treat our employees like family, and give back to our community.”Our company slogan “Just right” exemplifies this sense of who we are… large enough to have the experience, equipment, and expertise necessary for state-of-the-art quality printing, yet still small enough to offer one-on-one, personalized customer service.
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