At Dawson Education Cooperative, “Serving the Schools, Serving the Children,” is our motto and we are committed to this mission. We place a high priority on an attitude of service and believe in going the “extra mile” to anticipate and meet the needs of our school districts, which will help them better meet the needs of their students. We concentrate on treating the smallest districts with the same level of service as the largest of our districts. We are a resource to our twenty-four districts, and we do everything we can to help them accomplish their goals. Dawson’s number one goal, along with the number one goal of the districts, is to increase student achievement.Dawson Education is a service organization. Our mission is to provide service to member districts beyond that which they could provide for themselves. We focus our efforts on promoting a cooperative attitude among member districts so as to address their identified needs. These cooperative efforts facilitate an efficient and economical delivery of services and directly impact the education opportunities available to the students of our participating districts.
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