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  • Manufacturer of diagnostic reagents for OEM or distribution, primarily in the disciplines of immunology, pathology, histology and cytology. Also contract production of
  • Manufacturers of starch for pharmaceutical and electrophoretic applications, with choline salts, inorganic products such as barium suspension for medical use and
  • Offers fine and custom chemicals for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, with expertise in synthesis of unnatural amino acids, indoles, indolines heterocyclics,
  • Manufacturer of chemicals and enzymes used for medical and veterinary diagnosis, pharmaceutical and life science markets. Includes corporate profile, technology and
  • Offers nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical raw materials including amino acids, herbal extracts, vitamins; specialty ingredients. Includes analytical services in
  • Develops, produces and distributes nucleotide and amino acid derivatives for the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and life science industry. Includes product range and
  • Ordering information for reagents in nucleotide synthesis and PCR; DMT-protected deoxynucleotide beta-cyanoethyl phosphoramidites and triethylammonium salts. Also offers
  • Manufacturer of intermediates and raw pharmaceuticals, including inosine, L-proline, ribavirin, guanosine, tetra-acetylribose, adenosine, and related products in
  • Manufacturer of clinical reagents, stains, enzymes, antibodies, antibiotics and reagents for cell culture and analytical chemistry in Dusseldorf, Germany.
  • Profile and product range, including carbohydrate and amino acid derivatives, stains and dyes. Offers contract manufacturing of active pharmaceutical intermediates and
  • Research, development and manufacture of biologically active products isolated from microorganisms, plants and algae, and supplied to the research market. Includes