Industrial Design, United States of America

Industrial Design United States of America Companies Worldwide
  • Research led design consultancy which functions as an independent commercial enterprise within the University of Northumbria at Newcastle.
  • An industrial design consulting company \"committed to helping clients achieve competitive superiority\".
  • Color and design consultation.
  • 3D CAD and product engineering with a focus on ergonomics.
  • An industrial design firm with international clients, full service product design and product development office.
  • Control room design, treeplast product design, and industrial design. Netherlands.
  • Services range from product design to engineering for production, including solid modeling an
  • Product design and industrial design consultants based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • A strategic-creative consultancy that combines research, strategy, technology, and design to create products and services for Fortune 500 clients.
  • Work covers a wide range of markets such as computer, medical, telecommunications, stereo, video, toys, disposables and scientific instrumentation.
  • Team of industrial designers and product engineers with a wide range of services.
  • Industrial design, engineering and product development consulting firm serving the computer/electronics, medical, consumer and industrial markets.
  • Specializes in new product development, cost reduction, patent circumvention, human factors and ergonomics.
  • Industrial design firm working in the computer, consumer, commercial and medical fields.
  • Offering concept design, physical prototyping and reverse engineering.
  • Design consultancy based in New York City providing industrial design and related services.
  • Specializes in the design and engineering of consumer and professional electronics. Headquartered in Italy, also has an office in San Francisco.
  • Industrial design and product development firm with a background in equipment and appliance and vehicle design.
  • Multi-disciplinary industrial design consulting firm with work ranging from computer and desk accessories to medical instrumentation, from children's toys to
  • Opening new markets to manufacturers with innovative industrial design.
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