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  • Historical record of the hemp industry, introducing hemp and its early importance to mankind, and defining hemp's political struggle in the 20th century. Author: Dr.
  • Subscription-based online trade journal covering the North America hemp industry: agriculture, processing, marketing, research, business and regulatory news, and
  • On-line book telling the tale of hemp fiber in the competition for markets, capturing all the significant cross currents of the Industrial Age. Extensive footnotes.
  • A research and consulting company with a primary focus on the re-emerging hemp industry in Canada.
  • Canada. Growers and processors of hemp fiber for the textile, nonwovens, paper and composite products industries. Also, animal bedding and garden mulch. Information on
  • Provides resources to promote development of a plant/crop-based renewable resource systems.
  • Offers a pedigree seed crop directory for agricultural crops in Canada. Includes information on crop certification, document library, research, and upcoming events.
  • Organization seeks to promote Ontario, Canada's Industrial Hemp businesses.
  • Provides all of the analytical needs of the hemp industry. Fully licensed with Health Canada to possess and produce THC-containing hemp products.
  • Presents 10 myths about hemp and explains the facts around each.
  • A list of current research projects from ARDI, Manitoba Agriculture and Food, Canada.
  • Presentation to Bioresource Hemp symposium in 1995 by Pavlo Holoborod'ko, Institute of Bast Crops, Hlukhiv, Ukraine. In English.
  • June 2005 Outlook Report from the US Department of Agriculture, reviewing the prospects for increased demand for cotton and man-made fibers in the Indian textile and
  • UK. Processors of hemp fiber for applications in the paper and nonwovens industries. Also, manufacture of animal bedding from hemp.
  • Full text of Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Industrial Hemp Regulations (SOR/98-156).
  • Membership based affiliate of the Hemp Industries Association. The Five Minute Guide to Industrial Hemp In New Zealand is an excellent overview.
  • Extensive article about the novel technology of steam explosion to transform raw hemp fiber into a material which' texture and properties are comparable with or superior
  • Manufactures a hemp seed oil, which is used for nutrient supplements, flavorings, cosmetics and industry. Also, uses makes clothing and processes hemp seed for high
  • Number of livestock on Ontario farms, July 1986 to July 1999 ('000 head).
  • Plant Health and Production Division, Plant Products Directorate. Includes FAQ.
  • trees to make paper: -Increased recycled content of paper- -Tree-free paper (kenaf, hemp, agricultural...Commission has called for a careful, gradual
  • yogurt, soymilk, flavored hemp milk or fruit juice. We know a few chefs who are using them for bases for...the Month: Miguel Jorge Hauat Miguel is the
  • Eco-Libris , Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) , Forest Ethics , Forest...hemp, bamboo, papyrus, palm trees, and other