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  • News of the mushroom industry, marketing opportunities, events, recipes, growing information and books. The focus is specialty mushrooms like shiitake, oyster, maitake,
  • Organic and dried shiitake mushrooms for consumer and commercial uses.
  • Producers and distributors of truffles, mushrooms and other allied products. Company profile and product details. Italy.
  • Harvests wild mushrooms, the edulis boletus also known as porcini. Supplies them fresh, dehydrated, frozen and in brine.
  • Third generation family-owned farm, growing and packaging a wide variety of specialty mushrooms. Also featuring prepared mushroom products and food ingredients, and an
  • Produces and distributes mushroom spawn and fresh mushrooms.
  • Bi-weekly summary of wild mushroom harvest in Pacific Northwest, including pricing for US and Japanese markets and commentary on weather.